The reason for Embedded Apprentice

You use your smartphone daily. The refrigerator stays cold, the heat and AC turn on and off automagically. Why?

Why does your car start every morning? There is steam from the power plant, and that factory that makes something or other on the way to work. It always seems to be working. What makes it tick?

All of these are run by embedded systems. There are purpose build computers, with only one function running all these things. They are embedded systems.

Some of these systems are on the internet. They are part of the Internet of Things (IoT), but most are not. In fact, most of the software written if for these devices, not for web sites and phone apps.

But, what makes these systems sing? Is it the hardware? Is it the software? Hardware alone can do many things automatically. Pure abstract software can be a beauty to behold. What makes them reliable? More reliable than the ubiquitous desktop computer. After all, in some cases, there are lives at risk.

I would like you to know about a magic place where the hardware and software meet. This is the firmware layer. The software drives the hardware, and the little LED on the corner of the board blinks. Amazing! Few people know or care about the complexity and knowledge involved. I hope you do.

Maybe the firmware your working on is for an industrial flow meter, or solid state storage device. Well, then your doing embedded systems. The web gets all the press, but the majority of working programmers are building some sort of embedded system. We can built these systems better, faster, ore secure and with fewer errors, even if you don’t call yourself an embedded expert. More on this later.

We will learn in the space where the hardware and software meet, and few dare to venture. Sign up to hear announcements, and you will learn the secrets to make the firmware, so the hardware and software can both dance.